Composite Deck Building in Novi, Michigan

down-home-construction-deckThere are many companies offering composite deck building in Novi Michigan but there is only one Down Home Construction! Composite decking is a great eco-friendly option in decking materials. Composite decking offers all of the charm and none of the trouble of a traditional wood deck. Down Home Construction is proud to be a certified Trex Pro Gold composite deck building contractor in Novi.

At Down Home Construction, we understand your composite deck building project needs to fit within a certain budget. Our goal is to make the process of composite deck building that fits your lifestyle and budget simple. We put our decades of experience to work for you. We believe decks should combine both form and function.

With composite deck building, the options are endless. View photos of composite deck building in Novi from Down Home Construction

Trex® decking, railing and fencing have all the natural beauty of wood, but leave behind the rotting and splintering. You won't miss the splinters and neither will your feet. Composite decking is also a breeze to maintain, so you'll spend more time relaxing on your deck instead of working on it. What's more, Trex® products won't just improve the look of your home, they'll improve the value. Trex® has been in backyards for over 16 years, the longest record of proven performance in the industry.

With the deep heritage and history we enjoy here in Novi, a composite deck building project is the easy choice. A deck built with Trex® composite decking material will ensure that your deck will last for years to come.

We hope you will give us a call when considering a composite deck building project in Novi. We offer free in-home deck quotations and design consultations. We would be honored to be your partner through the entire composite deck building process. View our photo gallery or get a quote today!

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