Trex Deck Makeover in West Bloomfield, Michigan

down-home-construction-deckIn West Bloomfield, you have your choice of builders for a Trex deck makeover, but there is only one Down Home Construction! Some contractors are jack-of-all-trades and that is certainly impressive. However, there are few that are as dedicated to the art and the profession of Trex deck makeovers in West Bloomfield. We know the city. We know the building codes. We know the style of architecture and we know our craft.

A custom-built deck in West Bloomfield can add extra living space as well as raise the value of your home. A deck should respect the architectural style of the house, serving as a compliment to the home and to the yard as well. We'll help you work with your existing deck and outdoor space to carefully choose the right materials for your Trex deck makeover and other elements that are essential to any deck. Let us use our expertise to make your dream deck makeover a reality!

At Down Home Construction, we understand your Trex deck makeover project needs to fit within a certain budget. Our goal is to make the process of a Trex deck makeover that fits your lifestyle and budget simple. We put our decades of experience to work for you. We believe decks should combine both form and function..

Approximately 64,000 residents call our town here in Oakland County home. West Bloomfield has so many lakes, rivers and waterways that it is often referred to as the Lake Township of Oakland County. As a matter of fact, Orchard Lake - in West Bloomfield - got its name from the abundance of apple orchards in the area during the 1800's and one of the islands is aptly named Apple Island. More than 10% of West Bloomfield is covered by water and the area's residents enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the lakes from their docks, decks and windows from their homes.

With the deep heritage and history we enjoy here in West Bloomfield, a Trex deck makeover project could be exactly what you need to keep the history of your home alive but continue to provide a great rate of return on investment.

We hope you will give us a call when considering a Trex deck makeover in West Bloomfield. We offer free in-home deck quotations and design consultations. We would be honored to be your partner through the entire Trex deck makeover process. View our photo gallery or get a quote today!

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