Farmington Hills MI Basement Finishing

down-home-construction-basementIn Farmington Hills, MI basement finishing projects completed by a professional are as popular as ever. Although home sales continue to remain sluggish, basement remodeling in Farmington Hills by a licensed professional continues to provide homeowners with extra space and with a high rate of return on their investment.

There are two main phrases people use when discussing projects like this. At Down Home Construction we often hear them used interchangeably: "basement finishing" and "basement remodeling."

View Farmington Hills basement finishing pictures. Learn more about basement remodeling in Farmington Hills from Down Home Construction

Although most people are speaking of utilizing their basement as additional living space, these two phrases have come to represent all project types from basement construction to remodeling and even re-decorating and redesigning the existing space.

Regardless of the phrase – "basement finishing in Farmington Hills" or "basement remodeling in Farmington Hills" – Down Home Construction is the licensed builder many residents of Farmington Hills choose for their project.

Farmington Hills Basement Finishing Systems

In Farmington Hills, basement finishing systems are as custom as the tires on your car: their black, rubber, and round. In other words, basement finishing systems that feature drab wall panels are not very custom. Your basement is unique to you, your family and your lifestyle today and to what it will become in 5, 10- and 15-years. Working with a basement remodeler Farmington Hills such as Down Home Construction is a smart decision. At the moment, you may have children who, 15-years, will be out of college and living away on their own. Your basement in Farmington Hills should be a space that works for your today and in the future as your life changes.

When researching and shopping for basement finishing and basement remodelers builders in Farmington Hills Michigan, we sincerely hope you'll make the same, smart choice as so many others have in Farmington Hills and that smart choice is to contact Down Home Construction. We offer free in-home consultations and basement finishing quotes and you can trust us to be your partner through the entire basement remodeling process. View our photo gallery or get a quote today!

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