Composite Decking Installation

Decking-InstallationNothing adds enjoyment to a home like a new deck, and with today's technology, composite decks are the way to go. Not only do they add beauty and functionality to your home, they are long lasting and durable. At Down Home Construction we have been building composite decks like Trex Decking for over 20 years.
Whether you enjoy entertaining friends and family or its just a close family gathering, a custom deck from Down Home Construction can provide the space and beauty you've been looking for. From custom lighting to a single or multi-level composite deck, you can express your personality and that of your family.
A composite deck is made out of a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic. This gives your deck the look and feel of natural wood, but, at the same time, increases durability and eliminates issues such as splintering and wood rot.
One of the top brands of composite decking is Trex Decking. Trex Decking is made like other composite decks and is extremely versatile. Regardless of the space or size of deck you are looking for, Trex Decking can be used. In addition, it comes in a variety of colors, so you can match your home or use a contrasting color.
All composite decking is resistant to fading, scratches, and mold, so your deck will look good for years to come. 
When you combine some of the best composite decking in the world with a company that specializes in decking, you end up with a powerful combination. Here at Down Home Construction, we can help you realize the deck you've always dreamed of. Large or small, we can guide you through the deck building process from concept to completion. 
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